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PowerGrass is a World wide projectPowerGrass is a World wide project

PowerGrass is an ambitious project of global interest.

PowerGrass caught immediately the interest of the insiders and it is expanding like wildfire.

In Europe PowerGrass is installed already in Italy, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, UK and Russia.

In Asia some trial start up in Kazakistan and the interest in great from China, India, Corea and Japan.

Great interest is coming also from USA as well, and soon new installations will start.

In the course of a year, numerous other contacts took place from different countries, from all continents.

PowerGrass is sourced already in several countries and we look for new partners for every single country.

Green SpecialistsGreen Specialists

"Green Specialists" or "SDV" is the first business partner to install the 1st version of PowerGrass in Italy in 2012. GSDV is present in the market since 2000 and is driven by the inventor of PowerGrass Dott. Niko SARRIS.

GKB RealisatieGKB Realisatie

"GKB Realisatie" is our first business partner to install the 2nd and 3rd version of PowerGrass in The Netherlands, the most competitive market world wide. "GKB Realisatie" is present in the market since 1946 and is driven from Arjen KRAAIJEVELD.


"Agripower", is the first business partner to promote the 3rd version of PowerGrass in UK, the most important market for hybrid and natural grass systems. "Agripower" is driven by Graham LODGIN.

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