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Field Hockey is a sport practiced mainly in artificial turf in the last years.

The size of the ball requires a perfectly planar playing surface equivalent to a golf fairway, cut to a height low about 12-15 mm. This requires an increased expenditure for the purchase of professional cutting machines which, although available at affordable prices in the market, it has higher maintenance costs and few service points.

For this reason, artificial grass is often preferredwith low height of 11 to 13 mm, infilled with sand that keeps "unchanged" the characteristics of the field without much maintenance.

Besides, artificial grass, of low height has a low cost compared to other systems for Soccer, Rugby and American Football.

In this way the ball runs well, the game gets faster and you can refine the techniques with fast and precise steps.

For the game at a high level, you have to keep in mind that excessive volumes of water are required to water the field, and it is necessary to evaluate the available water, the pump power and water consumption.

Experience over the years highlight that players warn an extremely hard surface therefore the industry now promotes special shock pads beneath the artificial turf to keep the surface softer. Shock pads seems to be a solution to keep the surface more elastic but there is not any cushioning effect, therefore health problems may occur differently and have to do with back pain basically.

PowerGrass is the best playing surface ever seen world wide.

If you consider that the best playing surface with less injuries is natural grass and that injuries on natural turf are often related to the bad conditions of the pitch, especially during the winter, you may realise that PowerGrass is the best way to get a real Natural surface to play on, reinforced with artificial turf to outstand up to 1400 hours of game, with no risks of injuries related to the pitch.

Whatever is your choice, make sure that the construction of the pitch meets high standard of quality playing surfaces, planar, draining, well maintained and that's easy with PowerGrass. Over the growing period the pitch is completely covered with natural grass and you can hardly see any damages after a game, meanwhile over the winter period the stability of the grass sods is ensured since the roots anchor to the mat. In case of extreme use over the winter natural grass may collapse is some areas but the surface will remain flat and playable up to the end of the season. Next spring new leaves will grow again from the existing crowns and the surface will be green again.

Integrating Geofill PG, a special designed soil conditioner for hybrid turf systems to be mixed with sand, we provide a) a softer playing surface suitable to player demands resistant to compaction, b) more air circulation and at the same time the proper humidity in the root zone c) an insulating effect that will promote fresh habitat during hot summers and warmer over winter time and d) a shock absorbing surface over players falls.

The market options

Regardless of the recommended choice you can make all three types of sports pitchs based on the number of hours of use and agronomic expertise of the groundsmen:

  1. Pitches in Natural Grass ... for the traditional playing hours up to 3 hours a day.
  2. Pitches in Artificial Turf (Synthetic)... for the intensive playing activity relentlessly.
  3. Pitches in PowerGrass®... the fields of professionals available to everyone, guaranteed up to 6 hours of play per day.
  4. Note: Lovers of natural grass can now play on a planar and fast surface easy flowing for a small ball as if it were on a synthetic field, mowing the grass at 15 mm, without sacrificing the comfort of natural grass playing. The costs of maintenance of PowerGrass are contained, so there is no limit to maintain a high-level playing surface.

Field HockeyField Hockey

Field Hockey with PowerGrass is possible to go back natural

Field HockeyField Hockey

Field Hockey in natural grass is more fresh, more natural, more human.


The grass breathes above and below the artificial backing, grows healthy and vigorous.


"Testing" PowerGrass on barefoot of our children is a proof of how much confidence we have in the system.

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