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Ekologiska och ekonomiska

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PowerGrass is eco-friendly and sustainable

The artificial turf used in PowerGrass is covered by natural grass and is meant for long lasting, since artificial fibers are not exposed to sun and do not suffer aging caused by UV rays.

The area of the goalkeeper is subject to greater wear and tear and must be reseeded at the end of the season, but if time for grass growth (about 8 weeks) is limited you can replace the sods with other pre-cultivated in the nursery or, where is possible, in the surrounding area of the field. The sods that are removed will remain intact thanks to the artificial turf and to the grass roots anchored in the backing and can be reseeded to grow again on the sideline where the foot traffic is reduced.

the artificial turf is however completely recyclable by separating the backing from synthetic fibers, then melting and recycling them separately for other industrial uses.

The growth medium is composed of silica sand extracted in the state that is found in nature without transformations that alter the biophysical properties. At the end of the fields lifespan you can reuse for the same use or other similar uses. The sand is mixed with organic soil conditioner provided from a renewable part of the plants with zero environmental impact, designed to last a long time and maintain the bio-chemical properties of the growth medium.

Geofill PG is mixed with sand and forms an ideal growing medium, together with drainage and irrigation system they have been studied to ensure:

  1. playable field conditions, even during heavy rainfall,
  2. ideal conditions for grass growth,
  3. quick water infiltration and prevention of flooding during storms,
  4. disperse excess of water in the existing soil, without adding to the flow rate of the sewage system,
  5. retain the necessary moisture for the grass growth, leading to water savings,
  6. reduce water consumption by optimizing the irrigation system and take advantage of the water in the soil:
    • irrigation systems with 24 sprinklers distribute the water uniformly, thus obtaining savings of water and electric power,
    • roots develop deep in the soil and take advantage of the water reserves.

PowerGrass respects the environment

Natural grass is predominant in PowerGrass while the artificial turf is almost imperceptible to players. Natural grass maintains a fresh habitat to play on, meanwhile it consumes carbon dioxide CO2 and produces oxygen O2.

Scientific studies have shown that about 3 m2 of grass produce the daily requirement of oxygen for a man. A pitch in natural grass produces more oxygen than one hectare of a forest.

Natural grass avoids the pollution of groundwater. Gas exchange, micro-organisms habitat and nutrients occurs in rootzone, without leaching and contamination of groundwater. One scientific study demonstrated that uncultivated land has higher concentration of nitrates deep in the soil compared to a well-fertilized grass.

Geofill PG is a special designed organic soil conditioner, ready to mix with sand, to achieve a growth medium ideal for sport use, to ensure a playable surface during heavy rainfalls and optimize growth conditions (air and moisture) for the grass which is under stress of intensive use. Water management with 24 sprinkler irrigation system is meant to promote healthy growth, thus is less susceptible to fungal attacks, high temperatures and save the most precious resource.

Save money, invest carefully

Despite the development of products of the highest quality, at best, an artificial turf field does not exceed 10 years of lifespan. The synthetic yarns exposed to the sun reach half-life cycle (loose 50% of their strength) in about 3.5-4.5 years which depends to 8000 hours of sun radiation exposition. At the same time, in the systems of the latest generation of artificial turf, organic infill is promoted to simulate the natural soil and maintain cool the surface, but the evaporation of water, however, is much higher compared to natural grass. The low density of the organic components makes them easily removed by wind and rainwater so it is necessary to refill the missing material, every year, to maintain the performance characteristics of the system and extend the life.

Remove the old synthetic turf and disposed of in a landfill costs about 60,000 € and in the future it is expected to increase in costs due to the reduction of landfills.

Considering the cost of the life cycle of a field in 20 years and the number of actual hours of use per year, making a pure mathematical calculation we also observe the great convenience of PowerGrass than fields and even natural than synthetic fields that are in the range the most prestigious.

Costs ComparisonCosts Comparison

Clean WaterClean Water

The grass absorbs the natural soil nitrates , a scientific study has shown that there are more nitrates in the soil in an uncultivated land that in the cultivated turf. Rationalizing the fertilizer, it provides the nutritional requirements of the lawn without risking leaching.

Sprinkler San SiroSprinkler San Siro

PowerGrass combines quality and savings. Designed for professionals it is offered at a competitive price accessible to everyone.

Rispetto per il MondoRispetto per il Mondo

PowerGrass generates savings to the investor because it lasts more than 20 years, to the contractors because it is easy to install, to the groundsmen because it takes only few efforts to achieve excellent results and to the environment because it produces oxygen and reduces carbon dioxide, keeps low temperature and the pitch is not disposed of in landfills.

Waste of synthetic grassWaste of synthetic grass

Maintenance is simple and if it is regularly applied, having in mind the preservation of synthetic fibers, the artificial turf does not have an expiration date, therefore there will be no need of disposition in a landfill as is the case of the entirely artificial grass after 6-10 years.

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