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"The grass is reinforced with artificial grass" to... Play better!... Play safer! ... Play "always"!

PowerGrass® is natural grass reinforced with artificial turf, an innovative project for sport fields constructions, environmental friendly, practising the Green Economy concept.

PowerGrass® combines quality and savings, it's a revolutionary project that will soon change the way sports fields will be realized.

The hybrid grass system PowerGrass consists on the integration of up to 2% of synthetic turf fibers fixed on a special backing to reinforce natural grass wear and tear resistance and provide always playable, plain surface, without divots. The system combines the main advantages of synthetic turf and grass because offers:

  1. predictable ball bounce for better control exactly like natural grass because, in PowerGrass, natural grass is dominant for 98% and standardization of parameters required on synthetic components and the growth substrate contribute to maintaining the basic characteristics of natural grass more stable under climate change;
  2. surface stability during the run, and softness in case of fall, thanks to the surface in compliance with the standardized parameters by FIFA for artificial grass with reference to shock absorption, vertical deformation and energy restitution during player’s actions;
  3. slip resistance during acceleration, deceleration and better traction during any change of direction of the player, thanks to a strong natural grass resistance anchored to the special backing of PowerGrass, which offers better interaction of cleat/surface, exactly as the natural grass field when the latter is in the optimum conditions, with the advantage that those features are more uniform on the whole surface of the field and for the total duration of the season, without having to chase costly maintenance.

No other natural, synthetic or hybrid grass system is able to offer all of these features increasing significantly the number of hours of play, up to annual 1200/1400 enough to meet the needs of most clubs, reducing the cost of maintenance.

PowerGrass will provide savings up to 30% in 20 years lifespan. PowerGrass is still useful 20 years later following the cultivation the grass or, in case of replacement, removing the old sods and use them again for landscaping, parks and home gardens.

Investing today in a PowerGrass field is a responsible and forward-looking choice. Besides sports, you can practice any activity that is done on natural grass. (source, pag. 17 Why choose natural turf?).

Maintenance of PowerGrass is simple and requires reasonable costs. It's enough to have the basic skills and a certain persistence to achieve the desired result.

Many more benefits, but especially the solution to the disadvantages of natural grass and artificial turf systems!

PowerGrass is an innovative patent for sports surfaces and playgrounds that allows you to solve all the problems of hybrid systems while offering greater ease of installation, increased efficiency and durability, simplification and reduction of maintenance and a significant reduction of costs.

The field in PowerGrass repres ents todaythe best solution to provide a modern playing surface in natural grass reinforced, stable and soft. Meets professional players by offering them the opportunity to train on the same field in the championship game while for amateur players it is a realization of a dream.

A high-performance field allows a more spectacular game as athletes know they can play safely on a field designed with reference to their security needs and performance.

Security and comfort

In the USA, the last 10 years the American Football fields are based on natural grass just like the old days.Players prefer natural grass because it is fresh and safer.

Natural turf is generally softer than synthetic grass and protects the joints and muscles from damages.

A cool playing surface promotes greater comfort for both players and spectators in sports facilities as it doesn't heat up the area on sunny days.

Preserving the environment and the players health is now possible thanks to PowerGrass® and new grass varieties which are resistant to environmental stresses and intensive games. This is confirmed by the European Seed Association. Source

These are the qualities that have convinced the experts to promote this innovative system.

PowerGrass® is "made in Italy"

PowerGrass® includes deep expertises in both natural grass maintenance and artificial turf production. PowerGrass® is an important technology step ahaid, it is the real alternative to pure artificial turf pitches.

PowerGrass system is studied to be:

  1. simple and easy to maintain, at low cost
  2. resistant up to 6 hours/day, during the growing period of natural grass
  3. easy to install and affordable for everyone,

The idea to built up a professional playing surface in reinforced natural grass, accessible to any budget... was our main target during the development of the project. The current available technology in synthetic turf and our agronomic experience, experts in natural grass, allowed us to find the appropriate solution which we have been waiting for so long.

By developing the PowerGrass project we hit all targets. In our eyes, it is the ideal solution for playing Soccer, Football or Rugby taking full advantages of the playing field "without" consequences for the grass.

It is a perfect symbiosis with mutual benefits because natural grass protects synthetic filaments from UV rays of the sun meanwhile, stabilizes the infill and "weld" the joints of artificial turf because the grass roots grow through the backing.
Meanwhile, artificial turf and the growth medium made of silica sand mixed with special designed organic soil conditioner, limit soil compaction, the main enemy of natural grass, increasing its resistance depending to the winter climate more conducive to growth. For an example the hours of play per season may change for: Cool Continental up to 1000 hours, Temperate Maritime up to 1200 hours and Mediterranean Climates up to 1400 hours. Artificial fibers protect the crown of the grass plants. The roots penetrate the backing looking for water and nutrients in the growth medium below the backing and anchor strongly to the artificial support and provide greater support to the player's movements. Damages on natural grass are limited and expenses for maintenance are reduced drastically.

Maintenance is simplified and does not require special skills. Under standard conditions it is sufficient to handle the water with automatic irrigation system during hot and dry periods and apply a trivial, but regular fertilizing program. The grass is extremely reinforced, and maintenance is reduced. Entrusting mowing to the Robot Gardener will save you precious time and help you grow a denser turfgrass.


PowerGrass is designed for professionals, however it is accessible to all athletes.


The grass breathes above and below the artificial backing, grows healthy and vigorous.

Roots PowerGrassRoots PowerGrass

The roots of the natural grass penetrate the support of artificial grass and they also grow under the sand based growth medium mixed with Geofill PG.


"Testing" PowerGrass on barefoot of our children is a proof of how much confidence we have in the system.

Nature careNature care

PowerGrass uses little recyclable plastic to reinforce natural grass up to 20 years, therefore it is environmental friendly and generates savings in the broadest sense for the collectivity.

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